Rigpa Spiritual care

"It is the fundamental right of every human being: not to be afraid of death, or of life; to die at peace, surrounded by wise, clear and tender care; and to find the ultimate happiness that can only come from understanding the nature of mind and reality."
Sogyal Rinpoche

Rigpa's Spiritual Care program offers practical ways in which the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist teachings can benefit those facing illness or death, and help support their families and care-givers.

The Natural DEath centre

Knowledge is power according to Rosie Inman-Cooke and others.  Ground breaking site with a wealth of information and support


Pioneering Doula training

Greenfield creations

Manufacturers of fully accredited recycled cardboard coffins.  A range of choices, from plain to pictures of almost anything you might want.  Experienced and helpful.

The good funeral guide


The divinely articulate Charles Cowling and other contributors.  Unmissable.

joyously Beautiful , Bespoke,  Environmentally friendly coffins

ARKA original funerals

Independent Directors of funerals as well as other significant Life ceremonies.