joyously Beautiful , Bespoke,  Environmentally friendly coffins


These start from £350 with the hessian coffins, which are incredibly versatile, and can be used to attach as many shells, leaves, flowers, feathers, or crystals as you like.  They can also look ultra crisp and charming with, for example, a simple gingham trim.

Whether your inspiration is a favourite old jacket, or to line it with a wedding dress - vintage or re-cycling  - we can help you create something that actually feels just right.  We are happy to help you with ideas to do it yourself as well.

When we are ready, we hope to facilitate a DIY workshop space, with support for families and friends to decorate coffins themselves, as in our experience, the more one can do oneself, or together, helps transform the occasion into something more meaningful and deeply satisfying.

THEse are examples - intended as a guide only - each one is different 

Please call 07775 973 558 to discuss your preferences or ideas

Pure simplicity

Outer:  Cotton / Hessian / Jute

Inner:  Cotton / Calico / Broderie Anglaise

Starting from £350


Outer:  Embroidered Linen / Embroidered Silk / Embroidered Wool / Tartan wool or silk

​Inner:  Silk saree with border  and tiny embroidered motifs /

            Lace edged fine cotton lining

Starting from £550


Outer: Plain Linen/Plain Raw Silk/ Plain Wool

​Inner:  Broderie Anglaise

Starting from £450